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sign at Uncertain, Tx where we caught the tour boat

the tour boat

a steam-driven paddle boat named
"The Graceful Ghost"

the boat runs on burning wood in the broiler which runs steam pistons to drive a single rear-mounted paddle

Caddo Lake is a natural lake with Bald Cypress trees, American Lotus and lily pads everywhere

the lake's average depth is about 8' to 10' with depths of about 27' in the bayous

a White Heron hunting for food

the only part of the lake dredged by the government to created a path used to ship supplies and logging in the early 1900's

old machinery left behind, was used to pull cut trees out of the lake, it use to sit on dry land

one of the 'boat lanes" water depth was only about 5' in this lane

although Cypress trees can live in standing water, they have to have dry land for the seed to germinate and grow into a seedling

the rise in trees on the left is a hill which is in Louisiana


some movies made at Caddo Lake:

"The Legend of Boggy Creek"
 "Two for Texas"

Cypress tree roots

a beaver house

Disney movies made at the lake:

"The Ghost of Cypress Swamp"
"The Secret of the Pond"

more Disney movies:

"Bayou Boy"

a Gray Heron walking down a pier

other movies:

"Soggy Bottom, USA"
Southern Comfort"

there are some who sill live out on the lake but as soon as the abode rots and falls, it cannot be rebuilt