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  • WATCH - We have celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary
    in 2003. I had started working on a slideshow video and this is my first attempt. Enjoy.
  • WATCH -  Video of the Cholmondeley (Chum[b]ley) Estate in Cheshire, England
  • WATCH - Our Swinging Santa
  • LISTEN (MP3) - The North Scott Street Players
    I'm not too sure when this recording was made (late 60's-early 70's?) but you can hear Mark, Noel and Philip Chumbley and Tim Farris(?) spoofing news, sports, weather and commercials. The recording was made on Dad's Sony reel-to-reel using the old type in-the-ear bud for a microphone. Recording is 13 minutes long and you'll need to turn your volume up to hear it.
  • Listen (MP3) - one of Errin's compositions "Emerald Eyes"